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Nutrition guidance without the judgement

Medical Nutrition Therapy to support the whole body including (but not limited to) :

  • Helping you adopt healthier eating and living habits

  • Better relationship with food

  • Blood sugar regulation

  • Weight management

  • Digestive health

  • Inflammation

  • Fatigue

This is a judge free zone. 

Meditation by the Sea

About My Approach

My philosophy

I want to start by saying that working on your health and wellness takes time. Society has programmed us into thinking that things should happen quickly. This way of thinking has put a lot of pressure on us and then we feel bad about ourselves when we don't succeed. Working on our health and wellness is a lifelong journey. 

My approach

I will listen to what your goals are and I will work with you to create a realistic individually-tailored plan. One small step at a time makes for a big change. My goal is to provide you with the tools to become more in tune with your body’s signals, all while learning how to respect your body’s needs.

I use Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) to:

  • provide education on nutrition and supplementation

  • assess clients' nutrient imbalances

  • assess lab testing results (blood testing, saliva testing, urine testing, stool testing)

  • provide education on disease prevention, and provide research on the latest nutritional science studies.

Using an integrative health model we will be talking about (but not limited to):

  • nutrition

  • water intake

  • movement

  • sleep

  • stress management

  • bowel movements

  • any pain that you may be experiencing


Written by Deanna

“Jen Kersmanc is the first healthcare professional that I’ve ever been inclined to write a review for.  I initially selected her after contacting several nutritionists from a list of licensed dieticians & nutritionists in Maryland that were willing to work with insurance carriers for billing purposes.  I have now been working with Jen for eight months and still after all of this time, the patience and time that she takes to listen during every visit is so remarkable to me.  She asks questions and then truly listens to all of the details of my response before commenting further.  It is so wonderful in this rushed world of healthcare providers to have found someone that truly seems interested in what I have to say and uses that information to develop her treatment plan by taking into consideration what I've talked about – even when I didn’t realize how much my response provided her with insight and direction for my treatment.  Prior to contacting a nutritionist, I had spent many hours researching nutrition and how it affects your health and was definitely impressed with how knowledgeable Jen was.  I was even more impressed by her ability to apply that knowledge to my issues and always would explain in detail her reasoning for doing so.  As an added benefit, she also gives some insight into her life and how nutrition has played a role in her health as well, which just makes her even more relatable.  I honestly can say that I always feel better - more positive and hopeful - after meeting with Jen and have been making progress in a good way with my health due to her input and help.  I feel certain that after just one session with her, you too will want to continue to work with her – she truly is a kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable professional - just plain amazing in so many ways! ”
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